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Belfast is the capital and by far the principal city in Northern Ireland and outside the city you'll find quite a range of tourist attractions.  
  Armagh, very historic city, cathedral, lots on St Patrick, Planetarium
  Belleek Pottery factory
Donegal Town, not in Northern Ireland but well worth a trip
  Draperstown, Plantation History Centre
  History Park, more of an archaelogical park really with buildings representing everything from the cave men up to the 1800s or so (generally reconstructed)
Lough Neagh is the largest inland lake in the British Isles with numerous activities including hiking, golf, water sports, etc. at various centres around it
  Marble Arch Caves (booking generally required, unless you go early in the day, say before 10)
Tyrone Crystal factory
  Ulster American Folk Park, illustrating the times of the large emmigrations from Ireland in the 1800s; they have lots of themed days throughout the year (eg Thanksgivings Day)

Getting around the Belfast area

The main airport is George Best Airport (BHD) which is within the city limits; for international flights you need Belfast International (BFS) which is near the town of Antrim, some 30 minutes journey from Belfast.

Outside Belfast there's a choice of the railway or country buses. In theory there are taxis but the distances involved make that a rather expensive choice.


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