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Belfast is the capital and by far the principal city in Northern Ireland and outside the city you'll find quite a range of tourist attractions.  
  Ballycastle, with the distillery and annual Auld Lamas Fayre
Bushmill's Distillery which produces the world famous whiskey and offers year-round tours of the facility.
  The coast Road, offering beautiful landscapes.
  Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, good for scaring tourists!
Dunluce Castle, on the northern coast.
The Giant's Causeway, with it's hexagonal volcanic rock columns.
The vanishing lake of Loughareema.

Getting around

The main airport is George Best Airport (BHD) which is within the Belfast city limits; for international flights you need Belfast International (BFS) which is near the town of Antrim, some 30 minutes journey from Belfast.

Outside Belfast there's a choice of the railway or country buses. In theory there are taxis but the distances involved make that a rather expensive choice.


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